10 Reasons for PRP Treatment?

PRP is one of the best publicised anti-ageing treatments today. It is famously used by many celebrities, some of whom have gone on camera to endorse the benefits.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is effective in treating the following problems:

· Poor Complexion

· Dry Skin

· Sagging Skin

· Acne Scars

· Light Wrinkles

· Poor Skin Colour

· Eyebags

· large pores

· Stretch marks

· Hair Loss


The Effects of Treatment

After PRP treatments you should see overall improvement of your skin tone and texture making your skin looking visibly younger, shiny and bright. You can expect your skin to look healthier and smoother, vibrant and soft. Your eye bags will reduce and wrinkles, lines and acne scars become less visible. In cases of Hair loss PRP injections help to improve hair growth by activating the existing hair follicles to encourage hair growth.

Every human body is unique and so we always expect different results from subtle improvements to amazing changes. A number of factors including your overall health, age, diet, lifestyle and other health factors will also affect how well the treatments perform. As everyone has unique skin types the results will always vary but visible improvements are always made.

If you are young, have controlled sleep patterns and have healthy lifestyle, you will see results much quicker and they can last for years. Others may take 3-6 weeks to see visible changes. Results are almost guaranteed with PRP and when you continue with more treatments results improve even further. Over time the results continue to improve and usually last approximately 1 - 2 years. At Glam Skin Clinic for PRP treatments Belfast we recommend top- up treatments every 6- 12 months. When it comes to hair loss treatments it can be necessary to repeat PRP treatment 5-8 times to maximise hair growth.