Are Lip Fillers Sore?

Lip argumentation has become a very popular treatment over the past few years. Women and men across many different age groups who are not confident with the shape or size of their own lips often decide to undergo this popular lip filler treatment. It involves the injection of Hyaluronic acid directly into the lips helping …

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Botox Belfast – The Best Local Alternatives

It seems so easy… Why take special care of your skin? All you need to do when you notice some wrinkles is book yourself a Botox treatment. Then top it up every 2-6 months! You can look forever young and beautiful, right? If only it was that easy. Botox is a complicated procedure that comes …

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10 Reasons for PRP Treatment?

PRP is one of the best publicised anti-ageing treatments today. It is famously used by many celebrities, some of whom have gone on camera to endorse the benefits. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is effective in treating the following problems: · Poor Complexion · Dry Skin · Sagging Skin · Acne Scars · Light Wrinkles · …

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The Benefits of a Vampire Facelift

I’m sure you have heard about Vampire Facelifts or Vampire Facials. It was boosted to fame by Kim Kardashian who was one of first TV stars who showed everyone on camera how she is using this anti-aging treatment. Although most commonly known as Vampire Facelift it is in fact technically referred to as a Platelet …

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Can Dermal Fillers Make My Wrinkles Disappear?

What exactly is a dermal filler? Why has it become so popular? And is it an effective treatment to rid me of wrinkles? At Belfast’s Glam Skin Clinic, dermal filler treatments are one of the most popular requests. I’m sure you have heard of, or maybe even seen lip injections which also use dermal fillers. …

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Working with Glam Skin Clinic

In 2015 I helped launched glam Skin Clinic in Bangor, Northern Ireland. It’s not something that I thought i would be involved with and certainly not an area I knew anything about. As a designer and web developer my job was to communicate our services to potential customers and ensure that our Head technician (Paulina) …

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Are Lip Fillers Safe?

There has been a noticeable explosion in lip fillers across Northern Ireland with online beauty influencers and celebrities leading the trend. It seems like every tanning salon and beautician is offering this service but is it safe? It would seem logical that this should be something carried out by a Doctor or Nurse. We are …

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