Are Lip Fillers Safe?

There has been a noticeable explosion in lip fillers across Northern Ireland with online beauty influencers and celebrities leading the trend. It seems like every tanning salon and beautician is offering this service but is it safe? It would seem logical that this should be something carried out by a Doctor or Nurse. We are exploring the facts about lip augmentation and what you should consider before committing to it.


It is a common misconception that a nurse or doctor can only carry out this procedure. In northern Ireland it is legal for anyone to train in administering fillers, however it is extremely important to check if your chosen clinic has undergone the correct training and is experienced in the procedure. Ask to see certification and check online reviews. Facebook is a great resource for feedback as you can also check to see if the reviewer is a real person. Fake reviews are unfortunately common online.

Your clinic should also provide a questionnaire for you to fill in. This will include information about your medical history, medication and also provide information on what to expect after your treatment. Eg. Mild swelling is expected after any lip augmentation but it will usually reduce after 24hrs.

It is also important to check the type of fillers used by the clinic. Medically and CE approved (Certified to European Standards) products are a must. Dermal Lip fillers range in price and quality. A better quality filler will last longer and feel more natural. It will also be fully tested and completely safe. Glam Skin Clinic, a local mobile service offering Dermal Lip fillers in Belfast only use Amalian Lip Fillers. They say

" We know and trust this approved brand, and our customers love the results. They often comment on the better results and reduced swelling"

We have all read the horror stories associated with injected products. It often describes pronounced swelling, infections and bruising. These problems are commonly associated with poor administration, allergic reactions or unregulated products being applied. If you ensure that you follow our information we are sure that you will have a great experience and love your new fuller lips.