Are Lip Fillers Sore?

Lip argumentation has become a very popular treatment over the past few years. Women and men across many different age groups who are not confident with the shape or size of their own lips often decide to undergo this popular lip filler treatment. It involves the injection of Hyaluronic acid directly into the lips helping the patient achieve fuller lips, change the shape of their lips or reduce the appearance of smoker lines and wrinkles around your lips.

Lips are often just naturally uneven and lip fillers can reshape an uneven appearance. It has become an extremely popular treatment and most find lip filler prices are affordable. It is easily accessible too as treatment doesn’t need special preparation before the actual appointment and results are almost instant, although some mild/medium swelling is not unexpected.


One of the most commonly asked questions from our first time customers is of course , are lip fillers sore? It is a valid question and one that has a variable answer.

Painfulness of the treatment mainly depends greatly on a person own tolerance to pain. A patients own mental attitude and fear of needles will have big impact on the reactions to injections. With female patients, a big part of that tolerance to pain is the stage of your monthly cycle.

At Glam Skin Clinic we maximise the use of materials and methods available to help minimise discomfort.

  • Before the treatment we answer all your questions to ease your mental state.

  • Prior to your appointment, we send you instructions about what you have to avoid 24 hours before treatment to minimise chances of swelling, bruising and high sensitivity.

  • Before lip injections we apply a quality local anaesthetic to deeply numb your lips

  • Some patients will report almost no pain at all while those who are more sensitive have said they felt some mild pain or discomfort during the short procedure. It’s usually all done before you know it!

Even if you think your pain tolerance is very low don't worry. The injection stage of a treatment takes just 5-10 minutes and the entire procedure is often completed inside 45 minutes ... So if you are afraid of pain remember it’s it will be over before you know it! And results will last for months! Our only warning is it is highly addictive!


Paulina is the lead technician at Glam Skin Clinic, with up to date European and United Kingdom certification for the application of dermal fillers including other injected augmentation and skin treatment procedures. Her experience and customer reviews have ensure that she is one of Northern Ireland's most respected local experts in her field.