Can Dermal Fillers Make My Wrinkles Disappear?

What exactly is a dermal filler? Why has it become so popular? And is it an effective treatment to rid me of wrinkles?

At Belfast's Glam Skin Clinic, dermal filler treatments are one of the most popular requests. I’m sure you have heard of, or maybe even seen lip injections which also use dermal fillers. There is another popular use of dermal fillers in the beauty industry and its commonly used to fill lines, folds and wrinkles in skin.


Let’s start dermal fillers in general. What is a dermal filler? There are many products on the market, but all are based on hyaluronic acid which naturally exists in your body. It is a sugar molecule found in almost all living organisms. It is a partly used in the body's production of collagen, which is largely responsible for how young and firm our skin appears.

Besides taking part in the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid binds water and helps with the rejuvenation of our skin. Unfortunately with age we produce less and less collagen as our skin gets drier and then wrinkles start to appear. When you start noticing signs of aging eg. Deep nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), the glabella lines (lines between the eyebrows), marionette lines (lines going down from sides of your mouth), or smoker lines (top lip lines) dermal fillers are an effective and natural way to reduce and often even completely hide these lines.

The treatments are carried out by injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin in a targeted area to boost the skins supply, revitalising and adding volume to the skin. Results are instant with the diminishing appearance of lines and wrinkles, giving smoother skin for many months after the treatment. Regardless of brand it is important to ensure your clinic will only use European Certificated(CE) dermal fillers. These are tested and mostly produced under tight EU medical regulations.


Dermal fillers are long lasting but they are not permanent. The results of the treatment can last about 6 to 12 months. It’s a very natural way to reduce your wrinkles without using Botox which freezes your muscles, affecting your facial expression. Dermal filler treatment can be an addition to other anti-wrinkle treatments offered by Glam Skin Clinic like Mesotheraphy or PRP Vampire Facelifts.


So what happens during the treatment? At Glam skin clinic, after you make an appointment we send a message with instructions on how to prepare yourself before the treatment. At the appointment our technician will visit you in your home and start by filling in a medical history and consent form.

You will also receive aftercare instructions. We then carry out cleansing of the skin and apply a numbing cream. After the numbing cream has taken effect the hyaluronic acid is injected to the targeted areas using a micro needle. You will see immediate results. A little swelling and even bruising is not unusual after the treatment but this will mostly disappear within 24 hours. The total time of a treatment from start to finish is about 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the areas being treated.