Dermal Lip Fillers Belfast & N.Ireland

Using our UK and EU certified technicians, we offer lip filler injections (dermal lip fillers) around Greater Belfast and Northern Ireland. We are specialists in lip augmentations and offer a premium professional service.

Dermal lip fillers are micro injections used for fuller lip volume and definition. They are extremely popular due to being a quick and easy way to achieve fuller lips or change the shape of your lips, without the need for expensive surgery.

The procedure starts with a questionnaire and quick examination. A numbing cream is then applied to your lips before the filler is applied.

We only use medically approved, CE products (certified European). For our lip injections, the product we use is Amalian Lips. Along with medical approval, our technicians and customers insist on this premium filler.

Our dermal fillers are expected to last between 6-9 months before dissolving naturally without any side effect.

Pricing is dependant on how much filler is required. Small enhancements require just 0.5ml while larger changes can use up to 2ml. We recommend using a smaller amount if it's your first time as we can always add more if required.

For lip fillers Belfast and Northern Ireland we are qualified, experienced and we can come to you.