Lipotropic Fat Loss Injections

Carried out by our qualified technicians, lipotropic fat loss injections are a proven way to target specific zones for increased metabolism and fat break down.

This safe non-surgical procedure uses B12 vitamins and phosphatidylcholines, producing lipids which naturally help your body break down fat. It is proven to be very effective and a sought-after alternative to surgery.

Before the procedure

Our medically qualified therapist will visit you at home and discuss the procedure with you, highlighting what to expect from fat loss injections.

After the consultation, we can assess the targeted area and apply numbing cream to ease any discomfort.

Our Fat loss Injections

We only use tested and approved solutions. Our fat loss injection uses B12 vitamins and phosphatidylcholines which are naturally occurring in every cell of the human body. They have been proven by multiple studies to aid metabolism and turn fat into energy and effective in targetted areas.

After treatment

After the injections, we expect to see some light swelling around the targetted area for 24-48hrs as your body naturally recovers.

We recommend avoiding any strenuous activity for a 48 hr period to avoid irritating broken skin.