Vampire Facelift - PRP Therapy

The infamous vampire face lift, also referred to as PRP therapy, may sound a little scary but it's definitely not and proven again and again to give amazing results. This technique was originally used to reduce scarring in areas around the face and body before the same technique was shown to have fantastic effects on signs of skin aging.  It became extremely popular after being publicised as one of the favorite treatments used by Kim Kardashian.

During the simple proceedure our qualified skin technician takes a small sample of your blood then separates the natural plasma from your blood.  Your own plasma is rich in growth platelets which improves your skin texture and colour. The plasma is then injected into key zones in your skin where the platelets stimulate the collagen and elastin production.

At Glam Skin Clinic we offer PRP Vampire facelift Belfast and Northern Ireland treatments in the comfort of your home or at our Bangor clinic. We are medically qualified and experienced to ensure your absolute comfort and safety. 

PRP is very safe and commonly used by many high profile celebrities to keep their skin looking younger.