Working with Glam Skin Clinic

In 2015 I helped launched glam Skin Clinic in Bangor, Northern Ireland. It's not something that I thought i would be involved with and certainly not an area I knew anything about. As a designer and web developer my job was to communicate our services to potential customers and ensure that our Head technician (Paulina) would be kept busy.

It was essential to learn about all the services that we would offer from PRP treatments to Microdermabrasion and Dermal fillers so that i could accurately tell our readers about their services that Glam would offer. This involved a lot of online research combined with a lot of questions for Paulina. After a few months I really has learned a lot about this industry.


We also worked on a large range of logos and designs for our mobile skin clinic before deciding on on a classic black and gold, with our Big lips kiss.

Skin treatments in Northern Ireland are wide ranging and can vary from simple facial scrubs to advanced cosmetic procedures. It was important to make it clear to our customers how we were different and what services we would offer. We built a web site with customised pages for each service and a booking system that allows our customers to book any of our skin treatments or dermal fillers in their home.

It has been a successful venture with a large client base across Belfast and N.Ireland for dermal fillers, PRP Therapy and more, that has increased every year. While I can take some credit for effective marketing, the most important contribution has been the treatments and Paulina's skill and experience as a medically trained technician. Her reviews speak for themselves and have won Glam Skin Clinic many repeat customers.